Entrepreneurship Education

General Studies Department / Programme

Entrepreneurship Education

This programme is handled and coordinated by the General Studies Department in compliance with directives given by government and National Council on Education at her 53rd meeting, directed the higher education supervisory agencies to commence the production of appropriate training documents for the effective and efficient delivery of the programme. This was done with the hope that it would engender the production of a crop of entrepreneurs with the appropriate attitude and skills which will spur them on the path to creativity, innovation and enterprise thereby enable them to be job creators rather than job seekers and hence address the problem of graduate unemployment in the country and create job opportunities for the teeming Nigerian youths.

In response to the directives of government, NBTE and Messrs Hamitle Consults produced a curriculum, teacher’s guide and training manuals for use in training students of our Institution for the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels. In particular, the Board has developed curricular and training manuals for the following three courses;

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (EED126)
  • Practice of Entrepreneurship (EED216) and
  • Entrepreneurship Development (EED 413)

The first two are offered at the National Diploma (ND) level while the third is at the Higher National Diploma (HND) level.

The construction of Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre mainly for training students and carrying out all practical’s in entrepreneurship is still on-going. However, the department is using the lecture halls for lectures and the workshops for practical to acquire entrepreneurial skills in various field of their discipline. The products from entrepreneurship training by the students are exhibited in the department. Hence it is worthy to note that today a lot of our graduates are entrepreneurs and owners of various small scale businesses particularly in leather production and footwear manufacturing.