Research & Development Extension Services

Directorate of Research and Development Extension Services

Sabo Mukaila
Mukailu S. Abdullahi, MSc
Ag. Director, Research & Development

What We Do

The Directorate of Research and Development along with its extension centres supports and carry out continuous Research and Development (R&D) across the leather value chain through relevant institutions, giving attention to development of critical mass of personnel and appropriate infrastructure. The Directorate is made of two(2) departments each having two(2) sub-units. In addition, we have six(6) extension centres.


NILEST through its various departments is involved in teaching at OD, ND, HD & HND levels.


Research in NILEST focuses on a wide variety of aspects of the field of leather and leather products technology and leather products production.


At NILEST, we showcase our products at national exhibitions usually organized by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology etc.

Our Departments

At Nilest, we believe research and training is key to utilising our resources for the production of finished leather products.

  • R & D Process Operation
  • R & D Design and Manufacturing
  • Capacity Building: Capacity-SME Training
  • Capacity Building: Industrial Cluster Programme

Our Extension Centres

We have six (6) extension service centres across the country that helps support research, training and production.

  • Sokoto Extension Centre
  • Maiduguri Extensions Centre
  • Kano Extension Centre
  • Jos Extension Centre
  • Abuja Extension Centre
  • Owan East Afuze Extension Centre

Our Activities

We engage in activities that support research and development.

  • Sourcing for tannins from indigenous plants
  • Development of recipes for novel vegetable tanning and finishing
  • Application of plants as biocide in hide and skin preservation technology
  • The processing of heavy leathers for upholstery, industrial belts and safety boots
  • Short liming procedure

  • Advanced staking technologies on hides
  • Computer aided designing in footwear technologies
  • Development of leather industrial clusters
  • Development of integrated tannery effluent waste

In Collaboration with the Nigerian Army

  • Military, Paramilitary and safety boot and foot wear design and manufacturing technologies
  • Development of pilot production plants and establishment of laboratories for testing and quality assurance
  • Short term training on skill acquisition for leather and leather products
  • Production of fat liquors as binders for the military ammunition

  • Development of dyes and pigments for application in ordinance
  • Development of entrepreneurial capacity and industrial framework for military leather products manufacturing
  • Environmental Management Technology

Our Products

The Leather Boxes used for the presentation of the 2019 and 2020 National Budgets by President Muhammadu Buhari were designed and produced in NILEST.

Our Staff

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Our Collaborations

At NILEST, we have various levels of collaborations with industries, tertiary institutions, research institutes, government and private organizations across Nigeria:-

With Industries

  • Unique Leather Finishing Com. Ltd, Sharada, Phase I, Kano
  • Globus Tanner Ltd, Challawa, Kano
  • Mario-Jose Enterprise. Challawa, Kano
  • Lennards Nig. Ltd, Ikorodu Ojota, Lagos
  • Famad Plc, Ojota, Lagos
  • Whanu, Leather Co. Ltd, Kano
  • ABA Leather Cluster, Abia State
  • Zaria Leather Work
  • Otukpo Leather
  • Kaduna Leather Manufacture Clusters
  • Multitanned, Kano, Kano State

With Tertiary Institutions/Research Institutes

  • Nigerian College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Ibadan.
  • National Institute for Tripanosomiasis & Onchocerciasis Research (NITOR), Kaduna.
  • National Research Institute for Chemical Technology (NARICT) Basawa, Zaria.
  • Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Abuja.
  • National Office for Technology Acquisition and promotion (NOTAP) Abuja.
  • Department of Chemistry, A.B.U., Zaria.
  • Department of Textile Science and Technology A.B.U., Zaria.

With Government & Private Organisation

  • Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
  • Federal Ministry of Defence.
  • Defence Industries Corporation, Kaduna.
  • Aba Local Government, Abia State.
  • Tanners Council of Nigeria.
  • Participation at International Trade Fairs in Ethiopia 2008, Kaduna
  • International Trade Fairs 2010 & Kaduna Science Fair 2009.
  • Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN).
  • Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).
  • DOXA HOMES Ltd, Abuja – Public Private Partnership (PPP).
  • Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Abuja.